For Very Young PatientsThe first visit for very young children is typically done with the child sitting on your lap, facing you. The child will lean back onto his or her lap. This allows the child to rest comfortably in a reclining position with the reassurance that his or her parent is in full view the entire time. This position can also be helpful when teaching your child proper methods for brushing and flossing.

Anxiety Levels
When presenting your child to our office for the first time, parents can expect some outward signs of anxiety. This stems from the unfamiliarity with the surroundings and the child’s sense of “oral space.” We understand that having a stranger invade a child’s “oral space” can be overwhelming at first. As the child comes to trust our team, signs of defiance typically dissipate, and most children are able to sit independently in the dental chair.

Positive Reinforcement
Please be advised that parents who interrupt dental visits, because they see their child upset, may be unintentionally reinforcing that behavior. If the child feels uncooperative behavior will result in shortened visits, he or she will be much more likely to repeat that behavior during future visits. We strongly encourage parents to allow us to complete the dental visit, because we want routine exams to become a regular part of your child’s future. Please remember, dental visits do not create fear, they resolve it, and nothing we do in this visit will harm your child.

Confidence in Our Care
Paris Children’s Dentistry has successfully seen thousands of children and have been confronted with every feasible personality type. Expectations for your child will never be beyond their age or coping level. If you’re uncomfortable with our methods, we encourage your input. We want to partner with you to deliver the care that’s best for your child.